"Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world." - Nelson Mandela


Our roads are in desperate need of repair, our streets lack adequate lighting, and many of us cannot use the sidewalks. District 2 has a reputation of being unsafe, and we need to change the narrative. 

As councilwoman, I will focus on making sure our streets and sidewalks are accessible to everyone, prioritizing our neighborhoods that have been forgotten for too long. We are one of the most neglected districts, and we deserve lit roads and accessible sidewalks. I will work with Councilman Treviño and the rest of City Council to see our sidewalk’s improved in the way he has outlined in his Sidewalk Master Plan

The Hays Street Bridge

Safety has proven to be a top priority to my neighbors here in D2. Vehicles and homes are being burglarized, families feel unsafe, and our community's relationship with law enforcement officers has been challenging. We need to work together.

I commit to working to ensure our community's residents, neighborhood associations, and law enforcement officers have the resources they need to be effective. In addition, I will support community policing efforts that will foster a positive relationship between community and law enforcement. 


Our local government is not accessible to everyone. I have been thrilled by recent accomplishments of our city council to make City Council more inclusive, but we can do more.

I will work for you. It will be my responsibility to listen and hear your voice. This includes promptly answering emails and phone calls, hosting town halls where your voice can be amplified, and making city council accessible to all. All issues before city council should be available to the public, summarized in 250 words or less at a 6th grade reading level, in English and Spanish, and available in other languages by request.

Public Safety

Areas all over San Antonio are changing swiftly, and District 2 is no exception. It is important that the changes that occur are beneficial to us and our neighbors first and foremost, not developers and their wallets. 

District 2 will change, and we need a seat at the table when these decisions are being made to ensure our community's culture and character are maintained. Beautifying our city does not mean getting rid of the community that originally built it. I will make sure our message is heard loud and clear: Our homes, our businesses, and our neighborhoods are here to stay.

Economic Development

We need to protect our district and the people who have built it. We also need to be included in the discussion of new development. Our small businesses have been staples in the community, and we've seen too many lost and replaced by developments that won't hire from within our district. 

I will fight to protect our community by promoting policies that will ensure the staples in our community that make us special are structured into development plans, promoting equitable opportunities for our district's business owners and the people who live, work, and dream here in District 2.

For years, The Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group has been working to ensure that the land in front of the Hays Street Bridge remains untouched by gaudy development, and right now that means a five-story tall luxury apartment complex. I will not support irresponsible development such as this building.

We should have never been in this predicament to begin with, but because Keith Toney — without regard for his constituents' desires — advocated for selling the land while he was interim Councilman in 2014, we now are in a situation where we must either choose between losing the land to development or losing money. If we continue in court, we will continue to pay unnecessary sums of money. The City needs to drop the land appeal and pay back the cost of the land or trade for another piece of land.


Pol. Adv. paid for by Jada Andrews-Sullivan Campaign , Lou Miller, Treasurer

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